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This time I will write everything in English. I am using Google Translate, so please understand that the context may be strange.
So this theme because it is an "I would like you to know My's Life Japan Co., Ltd. also to people overseas", please read to the end.


I would like overseas people to deepen their understanding of the company profile. If you translate it into Japanese on Google, you can get close to each other. My's Life Japan also accepts on Facebook and line.

【Food Business Support Consultant】

This is a management consultant for restaurants of small and medium-sized enterprises. Of course, shops that are open by foreigners are also eligible. Please contact us first.

【Single entrepreneur coordinator】

This is coordinated for those who want to start a company by themselves. Various support and post-entrepreneurial support are also on the menu. Especially foreigners do not know who to consult. Please feel free to contact us.

【Ending Life Family Advisor】

This is support for the bereaved family who lost their precious family. It is a company that I started from my own experience. We will try to be close to you. Please feel free to contact us. We are planning an online salon in the future. We aim to be close to each other with people who have deep sorrow.

【Lectures, seminars】

We are considering lectures and seminars in the future. We are thinking of a direct and realistic type and online using Zoom. We will inform you again when the holding time is decided.


I wrote this time using Google Translate.
I don't care about race. We would like to accept only those who understand and sympathize with each other.
Since you are a foreigner, you can't talk to anyone, but please take a look at My's Life Japan Inc. My name is Yoshiki Sasaki, President and CEO. Thanking you in advance.


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